$6 motel recovery

My PC is badly in need of one of its regular dusting downs; a time-consuming process which fills me with dread. It has already gone into thermal shutdown mode twice this morning in order to protect itself from permanent damage, so if I suddenly disappear into the ether you will know the reason why.

My Hard Drive is choking on unnecessary data. My memory is failing. Were REM not senior citizens – or close to it – they would probably have called themselves RAM. As it is, I tend to be less gung-ho about such technical matters than someone significantly younger.

I perspire and curse a lot, and my hands perceptibly tremble.

And that\’s just on account of the alcohol.

My reference to Topanga Canyon in a recent post no doubt prompted me to dig this out. I\’ve touched on Spirit previously – their 1968 debut, specifically – but since we are at the beginning of a new year, it seems fitting to dredge up a release from 40 years ago precisely… Actually, I have also featured \”Ice\” from \”Clear\”, too, so just to keep the threadbare Charlie theme running a while longer let\’s turn our attention to their second release for Ode – an imprint of Columbia – \”The Family that Plays Together Stays Together\”.

Not as jazz oriented as either their debut or \”Clear\”, this LP, I would argue, is far more conventially alligned and radio friendly. This track showcases some nicely underplayed acoustic work from the late Randy California. The sound of Los Angeles, CA before Helter Skelter.

Randy California: guitar, vocals; Mark Andes: bass; Ed Cassidy: drums; John Locke: keyboards; Jay Ferguson: vocals, percussion. Produced by Lou Adler.

SPIRIT: SHE SMILES from \”The Family That Plays Together Stays Together\” LP (Ode/Columbia) 1968 (US)



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