Coincidentally, a few weeks back when taking the underground (subway) back home with Rosa and the kids on a Saturday evening, I watched a young teenage guy and his girlfriend slouched on the platform waiting for a ride in the opposite direction.

They looked a little high, or maybe just pumped with adrenalin and trying to weather it out.

The guy was wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the MC5\’s colors. Striped pants and leather jacket. Very cool. Very \”retro\”.

I\’ll admit I had to wonder for a second if he was really into Wayne Kramer and the Detroit five, or whether he\’d just picked the shirt off the rack in some hip clothes shop ; like all these pretty adolescent girls who were running around in Ramones t-shirts a few years back, owing to the fact that some high street fashion buyer had just saturated the chain stores with another seasonal marketing ploy. None of them seemed to know who Joey Ramone had been at all. They all looked like they\’d just stepped off of a San Fernando Valley porn set.

Really, I think I was just jealous there for a second sitting on that train. Jealous of the fact that t-shirt wouldn\’t have fitted me these days, or clung instead to all the wrong places. It\’s not a pleasant trait. I know. I felt vaguely like some decrepit cynical Roman sat in the senate.

Or Nero mincing about in the Ampitheatre ; thumbs up, thumbs down.

It was all immaterial to the guy and his girl. Quite rightly so.

I hope they had a great night out. Kicked out the jams.

For an honest to goodness reality check, check out what Jon has to say here. I think he would have been pleased.

MC5: SHAKIN\’ STREET from \”Back in the USA\” LP (Atlantic) 1970 (US)



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