A veteran of Duke Reid\’s Treasure Isle label, Edward O\’Sullivan Lee scored his first hit as producer in 1967: Roy Shirley\’s \”Musical Field\” for WIRL. From there it was a steppin\’ razor to renting space at Channel One. Throughout the 1970s, virtually every dub 7\” produced by Lee for his own imprint came stamped with a King Tubby Home Town Hi-Fi remix on its flip side. Bunny Lee was a man of integrity. I am uncertain when this Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeared dub was originally recorded, or whether it was released. It features on the London based Jamaican Recordings compilation released in 2002. Jah Floyd reports in his sleeve notes that the material is culled from early working sessions with the Revolutionaries. With supporting aggrovation from Earl Smith and Willie Lingo.

SLY & ROBBIE: DUB TO THE ROOTS from \”Sly & Robbie Meet Bunny Lee At Dub Station\” LP (Jamaican Recordings) 2002 (Jamaica)


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