a girl named sandoz

Eric Burdon\’s move stateside to Haight-Ashbury in 1966 spawned a monumental sea change in both lyricism and target market, often with painfully pretentious repercussions ; but I can forgive our Eric a lot of things.

Strange things, indeed.

Media darlings, Billy Corgan and chums tripped out on this b-movie re-run a quarter of a century later while recording a session for the John Peel Show aired on september 13th 1991, hot on the heels of \”Gish\” – their only Peel session – featuring two other outstanding tracks – \”Siva\” and \”Smiley\”. Written by Eric Burdon and John Weider.

LSD 25, for the unitiated, was first synthesised by Albert Hoffman on April 19th, 1943, at his Sandoz laboratory in Basle, Switzerland. So now you know the Swiss are responsible for more than ridiculously expensive chocolate and cuckoo clocks. ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS: A GIRL NAMED SANDOZ from \”When I Was Young b/w A Girl Named Sandoz\” 45 (MGM) 1967 (UK/US)

SMASHING PUMPKINS: A GIRL NAMED SANDOZ from \”Peel Sessions\” EP (Hut) 1991 (US)



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