a knife; a spoon; a fork…

Allegedly the twenty year old Lester Bullocks was toasting under the none too striking name of Dennis Alcapone Jr. in D.A.\’s old haunt, when Lee Perry stepped up under the mike and whispered in his ear.

\”You is not Alcapone, dread. You is Dillinger.\”

A frequent visitor to both Perry\’s Black Ark and King Tubby\’s Home Town Hi-Fi in Waterhouse, it was Scratch who got the jump; producing Dillinger – on \”Dub Organiser\” – as early as 1973. The big name producers Bullocks recorded for between then and the release of \”CB 200\” three years later reads like a mafia hit list: Augustus Pablo; Niney Holeness; Clement Dodd. It was \”CB 200\” – coined after his prized Honda – which sealed his reputation. As sweetly as nine coats of varnish over a starburst flame job.

Produced at Channel One by Jo-Jo Hookim with the Mighty Diamonds providing backing, \”Cocaine In My Brain\” was seized upon quicker than a Customs international powder bust; shipping worldwide and firing up Bullocks\’ Scratchy nom de plume in halogen lights. Courted by every young white punk in the glare of Big Youth\’s triumphant 1977 Rainbow bash, amphetamine sulphate was the ubiquitous poor boy\’s substitute.

If You are still conscious, Anto, this one\’s for you.

Produced by Jo-Jo Hookim. Engineered by Ernest Hoo Kim and Ossie Hibbert.

DILLINGER: COCAINE IN MY BRAIN from \”CB 200\” LP (Island) 1976 (Jamaica)


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