a loaf supreme

montage by ib.

I have Holly to thank for this learning curve. For joining the dots and uncovering shared DNA from a time not so long ago when king ether and happenstance still reigned absolute; when genetic code could not be matched through a Uniform Resource Locator. Supreme Dicks came together in Massachusetts in 1982.

Somewhere between the insular slacker campus of New Hampshire College and Amherst; just under 100 driving miles from Boston. Erecting their tent on the scavenging grounds once frequented by Chickatabot and the Mahican wolf tribe.

Where once there raged wars with \”people of the place of the flint\” – the Kaniengehaga of three elder brothers – the blood sown plains sired Amanita Muscaria. Fraternities of Psilocybin. Visited by the spirits of the bear, the wolf, and the turtle, Supreme Dicks allied in council. Oxemberg; Shere; Shafel. Kicking against the pricks. They issued a truncated declaration of independence in 1992, \”Sky Puddle\”, followed by a more comprehensive document on the Communion sub-division of Homestead Records: \”The Unexamined Life\”. Recruiting Louis Knox Barlow to pluck a string on one strange song along the way. \”Working Man\’s Dick\” came next on the UK based Freek label. And a third, \”The Emotional Plague\”, in 1996. A brooding phratry. And then they folded. I know a thing or two about folding, myself. I know a good deal less about the Supreme Dicks.

SUPREME DICKS: RANADA\’S DEMON from \”Working Man\’s Dick\” LP (Freek) 1994 (US)


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