a teardrop explodes

dig•i•tal•is |ˈdɪdʒɪˌteɪlɪs| noun a drug prepared from the dried leaves of foxglove and containing substances (notably digoxin and digitoxin) that stimulate the heart muscle.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from the modern Latin genus name of the foxglove, from digitalis (herba) ‘(plant) relating to the finger,’ from digitus ‘finger, toe’ ; suggested by German Fingerhut: ‘thimble or foxglove\’.

When they appeared on the same stage as the Clash in the UK in 1977, Alan Vega and Martin Rev famously prompted howls of derision and an explosion of glass too close for comfort. That was a shame; although I suspect Ian Curtis and his triad of electronic subversives might have provoked a similar neanderthal response at that juncture.

To be expected, if not quite alright.

That first wave of brown shirts were not on ball for informed or distressed \’digitalis\’, as Jayne Casey would later observe. Sadly, it was their – the bondage trousered sheep\’s – loss.

More spastically muscular and incisive than Helios Creed and Damon Edge\’s Chrome, brittle New Yorkers, Suicide, fully deserve to be remembered for more than just their superlative 45, \”Cheree\” or the much covered, \”Rocket U.S.A.\”.

There. I prohibit you – siblings and motherf@ckers – to remonstrate or otherwise disagree.

Produced by Craig Leon and Marty Thau.

SUICIDE: FRANKIE TEARDROP from \”Suicide\” LP (Red Star) 1977 (US)


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