a word on anonymity

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: via late Latin from Greek anōnumos ‘nameless’ (from an- ‘without’ + onoma ‘name’ ) + -ous .

ass•hole |ˌɑːshəʊl| noun vulgar slang the anus. • an irritating or contemptible person. For anonymous. In part.

Have I gained myself a stalker ? Or just some sporadic nuisance in the form of an ugly rash ?

A brief report on yesterday\’s time management:

I have languished on our fold down sofa the better part of all day, alternately rolled out on my back or reclining on one elbow like some bedridden Roman despot.

Aside from making early morning coffees – and connecting, or disconnecting, cables on demand in one room or another – the sole exercise I have partaken in thus far has involved sneezing copiously into wadded tissues and barking like a sea lion.

In short, I am stricken by nothing more than a cold.

I was compelled to watch a little car crash tv. The X Factor has gone into \’Boot Camp\’ mode. This involved separating those contestants who have made it through the preliminary auditions into three adjoining rooms. There they sweated and tried to compose themselves while the committee gathered to deliver their verdict and enter stage left.

Sadly, somebody neglected to release the Zyklon B. Featuring Armand Schaubroeck: CHURCHMICE: COLLEGE PSYCHOLOGY ON LOVE from \”Babe, We Are Not Part Of Society b/w College Psychology On Love\” 45 (House of Guitars) 1965 (US)


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