all the young punks

In which, Chicken Little bribes some older roosters to purchase illicit substances on his behalf, fashions a guitar made out of an old spoon once belonging to William S. Burroughs, and writes a hit song about how the music industry sucks. Big Time.

Less than a week ago he was a callow factory farmed piece of fluff with an armful of Velvet Underground records on the wing. By this time next week, this soon to be jailbird will have the chicks lining up around the block to slurp on his ding-dong.

That\’s cock n\’ roll for you. That Chicken Little. illustration by ib. HASIL ADKINS: CHICKEN WALK from \”She\’s Mine b/w Chicken Walk\” 45 (Air Records) 1962 (US) PURCHASE OUT TO HUNCH (1960\’s WEST VIRGINIA RECORDS) ON NORTON PREVIOUSLY ON ART DECADE


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