apostle of the strung-out

Figure 3-29.–Correct way to take out a kink in wire rope.

kink |kɪŋk| noun

a sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight : a kink in the road. • figurative a flaw or obstacle in a plan, operation, etc. : though the system is making some headway, there are still some kinks to iron out. • a stiffness in the neck, back, etc.; crick : it takes the kinks out of stiff necks. • figurative a quirk of character or behavior. • informal a person with unusual sexual preferences.

Many moons ago, my good friend Gus lent me an old paperback copy. It was a good read. It\’s style has been compared to that of the Beat Generation, and that is valid enough, but on balance I remember it reminded me more of Glaswegian author, Alexander Trocchi, whose incisive portrayal of heroin addiction, \”Cain\’s Book\”, was famously banned in the UK on publication in 1960 after a lengthy showcase obscenity trial. Trochhi had a deeply entrenched habit. And a capacity for controversy on a par with Burroughs or Ginsberg.

Or Hubert Selby, jr. A champion of outsiders Samuel Beckett and Henry Miller, Trocchi found an outlet amongst the pornographers of Paris in the 1950\’s, editing the literary magazine, \”Merlin\”, before eventually settling in New York City where he operated a stone scow – a flat-bottomed dredger – on the filth of the Hudson river.


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