ayatollah khatami: talking asshøle

DERIVATIVES sphinc•ter•al adjective sphinc•ter•ic |-ˌtɛrɪk| adjective

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: via Latin from Greek sphinktēr, from sphingein ‘bind tight’.

And flaccid with it.

While Iran\’s favourite mullah shoots imbecilic spittle in his beard, and gets his knickers in a royal twist, the west should not forget for one minute that those recent events on the streets of Tehran mark a monumental development in the overruling of blind intolerance and contemptible rhetoric.

\”Leading demonstrators must be executed, cleric demands.\” The Times, June 27, 2007. Really. As the world hold its breath and ponders the remote possibility of such fanatical upstarts getting stoned – literally – by their own downtrodden peoples, surely the weight of secular opinion the globe over must dictate otherwise. Whip it up, motherf@cker, by all means. It is what we have come to expect. The ritual incontinence of extremism and fatwa upon fatwa like spoiled sandwiches piled up at a wake.

In one corner are those who dare protest. In the other sit those who merely tolerate evil, and those who willfully abet in the systemic silencing of all voice of dissent. Public or not.

The killer clown has spoken. It is virtually enough to prompt one to pick up the sword.

Of course, this is precisely what the fundamentalists hanker after: a climate of terror which stifles any hint of dialogue; within their immediate circle and beyond.

Recorded September 19th, 1968 – March 7th, 1969 at IBC Studios, London.

THE WHO: WE\’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT from \”Tommy\” 2 x LP (Track) 1969 (UK)


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