baden powell: the boys from brazil

Forget Django Reinhardt, if you are searching far and wide for exemplary jazz oriented acoustic guitar, look no further than Brazillian maestro, Baden Powell. \”Born at the Varre e Sai district, he was baptized after his grandfather, a musician and conductor himself, whose father was an admirer of the Boy Scouts founder.\”

Originally recorded in 1964 at the age of twenty-six and co-composed with lyricist, Vinícius, for the Philips LP, \”À Vontade\”, this vinyl rip comes from the 1973 compilation featuring four of Powell\’s albums, \”Série Autografos De Sucesso No. 2\”. Long out of print, this beautiful song comes via Loronix, over in the big boys\’ playground. On listening to this, or any of his improvised instrumentals – however casually – it is easy to recognise why he is celebrated in Rio as one of the great exponents of Latin Jazz and its fluid, constantly changing patterns.

There are so many rich and varied textures in Powell\’s music that it becomes quite impossible to point to any one definitive era as a starting point. Zecalouro at Loronix provides some matchless pointers. BADEN POWELL: BERIMBAU from \”Série Autografos De Sucesso No. 2\” LP (fontana / Philips) 1964 (Brazil) BADEN POWELL ON CD UNIVERSE


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