better than digging a ditch

the good sister presents.

building new roads. immaculate heart of mary. class of 1929.

building new roads, 1929.

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, England, March 17th – June 28th, 1968. Overdubbed and mixed at Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, USA, July 6th – July 25th, 1968.

Produced by Jimmy Miller. Engineered by Glyn Johns and Eddie Kramer.

Piano by the outrageously gifted Nicky Hopkins.

THE ROLLING STONES: JIG-SAW PUZZLE from \”Beggars Banquet\” LP (Decca) 1968 (UK)

THE ROLLING STONES: JIG-SAW PUZZLE from \”Sympathy For The Devil: Beggars Banquet Outtakes\” LP (The Good Sister Presents) 1968 (UK) PURCHASE BEGGARS BANQUET


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