big star city rollers

Sounds vaguely familiar ? It ought to. The sound of Memphis filtered through the dirty grey lense of the River Clyde; a perfect sound east coast pretenders, the Bay City Rollers, never quite got down on tape.

Before Teenage Fanclub (and the arrival of one Brendan O\’Hare) there were the BMX Bandits, and – as this home recorded compilation of 4-Track demos proudly attests – The Boy Hairdressers and The Clydesmen too, a loose Big Star fixated collective forged between Glasgow\’s Norman Blake, Raymond McGinley, Francis Macdonald and Gerard Love. Purloined from an undisclosed source: \”With Brendan, full-volume afternoon rehearsals begin in the unlikely setting of Norman’s bedroom in his Grandmother’s house in Bellshill and continue regularly until they feel about ready to exist in public. Throughout the practices Mrs Blake watches championship snooker on the television in between making the lads pots of tea.\”

\”Kylie\’s Got a Crush on Us\” eventually got it\’s chance to go public with the pressing of the Bandits\’ 1993 12\”, released through Alan McGee\’s Frankenstein, Creation Records; home to the mono-browed, super inflated egos of those New Deal upstarts, the Gallagher brothers.

THE CLYDESMEN: KYLIE\’S GOT A CRUSH ON US from \”4-Track Stuff\” (Bootleg) 1990 (UK)


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