bird song on the west highland way

Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper\’s Easy Rider, 1969.

Okay, so I\’ve been away and I\’m only now just catching up. Apologies. Brendan from The Rising Storm I see put together an informative piece on one time Fugs co-conspirators, The Holy Modal Rounders over on Bowhowdy\’s Cover Lay Down. The material under dissection is from their 1964 debut on the Prestige label, reissued on Big Beat.

Like sheep, the tourists are only there to be fleeced.

\”On a BSA with two bald tyres you rode a million miles, You cut your hair with rusty pliars and you suffer from the pillion piles…\” – John Cooper Clarke, Psycle Sluts (Parts I & II), 1977

With this in mind, I was thinking if we were to field a party in honour of the Modal Rounders the bottle I would unhesitatingly bring would be a Thunderbird in celebration of their \”Bird Song\” from the soundtrack to Easy Rider. I\’d like to raise that bottle in a toast to Löst Jimmy from Me, Myself & Motörhead who also appears to share my fetish for road movies screened in perpetuity on the \”Idiot\’s Lantern\”, and is a fellow Scot to boot.

Hello too, to Brian & Beth from Newcastle whom we met along the way.

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS: BIRD SONG from \”The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders\” LP (Elektra) 1968 (US)



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