birth of the cool

photograph by mary ellen mark.

capitol CDP 94550.

A jazz standard from the saintly Miles Davis. \”Birth Of The Cool\” predates the best of Miles by a good decade or so, in my opinion, but this is – as they say – \’dope\’.

Recorded from a session in NYC on March 9th, 1950, with J.J. Johnson on trombone; Gunther Schuller on french horn; Bill Barber on tuba; Lee Konitz on alto saxophone; Gerry Mulligan on baritone saxophone; Al McKibbon on bass; and Max Roach on drums. Written by Chummy MacGregor and Johnny Mercer. Produced by Gil Evans.

Reissued on Blue Note.

MILES DAVIS: MOON DREAMS from \”Birth Of The Cool\” LP (Capitol) 1950 (US)



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