blair witch project, after a fashion

A whirlpool in a sweeping – suitably modest – driveway emptied of carp. No koi, then, just cloyingly demure. Petty resentments smouldering under doilies scattered like iced fancies. Or fossils behind chintz curtains.

Well, alright; as per usual it is simply the television to blame. The flat screen banshee in the corner stripped of cathode ray glimmer. The twins are dead. And so is the legitimate ghosting I have learned to endure on a Saturday night.

If Snatch were lost on the I.R.T., we are done. Screwed. A valve driven box with one knob missing. Reeking of Ameretto. Disaronno. Crushed almond over viagra, stiffly anticipating a verbose duel. THE CLASH: JUNCO PARDNER from \”Sandinista!\” 3 x LP (CBS) 1980 (UK)


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