brüder des schattens

max schreck in f.w. murnau\’s original \”nosferatu\”, 1922.

As much an excuse to feature an assemblage of images from Murnau\’s Expressionist silent drama, as to pay homage to Popol Vuh\’s contribution to Werner Herzog\’s 1978 remake.

Bram Stoker\’s estate successfully pushed the studio, Prana Films into bankruptcy after suing for copyright infringement. The court ordered the immediate destruction of all existing prints. Fortunately for posterity, the restored film in circulation today was copied from the handful of prints already in distribution.

The following selections are from Egg\’s 1978 French issue (as distinct from those unexpurgated cuts – four tracks in total – released in Germany on Brain Records\’ \”Nosferatu: Brüder Des Schattens, Söehne Des Lichtes\” in the same year). This album was reissued on CD in 1999 on Spalax, with a different tracklist and sequence.

Written by Florian Fricke, except for : Al Gromer.

Florian Fricke: piano, moog; Daniel Fichelscher: guitar; Ted De Jong: tamboura; Al Gromer: sitar.

The kids have their drawing pads out, and my son is humming along to the heavily sitar laced, \”Venus Principle\” as he maps out helicopters exploding in the sky with robust vigour.

The purple scent of Halloween is in the air.

POPOL VUH: BRÜDER DES SCHATTENS from \”Nosferatu: The Vampyre\” LP (EGG) 1978 (France)

POPOL VUH: MANTRA i from \”Nosferatu: The Vampyre\” LP (EGG) 1978 (France)

POPOL VUH: VENUS PRINCIPLE from \”Nosferatu: The Vampyre\” LP (EGG) 1978 (France)



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