brian and dennis, wilson and wilson; sans charlie

From the second disc of Pavement\’s 2004 re-release of \”Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain\” – L.A\’s Desert Origins – featuring previously unreleased material which was subsequently rerecorded for their third album, \”Wowee Zowee\”.

I met Steve Malkmus once on stage at a village hall in Belgium during Sonic Youth\’s \”Dirty\” tour. I did not like to inform him I generally considered \”Slanted & Enchanted\” a work of some genius. Modesty, and my woefully reserved Celtic temperament, absolutely forbade it. Besides. I was too busy looking up Kim Gordon\’s ass.

Sorry. Mrs. Thurston Moore\’s ass. The marital thang is still something of a novelty. I will get used to it. Fine asses always warrant serious reconsideration. Genuinely.

Possibly recorded at \’Louder Than You Think\’, Stockton, California, 1993. Engineered by Mark Venezia.

PAVEMENT: PUEBLO (BEACH BOYS) from \”Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (L.A.\’s Desert Origins)\” 2 x CD (Matador) 1994/2004 (US)


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