bubblegum: special k for the kidz

For a brief period between 1969 and 1970 Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz\’s \”Special K\” productions very nearly came to dominate the charts and pollute the critical faculties of children everywhere.

Remember the awful 1910 Fruitgum Company ? How about Joey Levine and Kris Resnik\’s evilly Machiavellian Ohio Express ? Damnation bound and throwing up cartoon sparks. The very sound of their \”Simon Says\” is almost enough to drive you into the far corner of a rubber room without the aid of a straight-jacket.

Steve Dworkin, staff writer for Special K recalls:

\”In 1969 I was a staff writer/producer at Super K Productions. I had written \”Bring Back Howdy Doody\” as a joke, not expecting Kasanetz and Katz to go with it. At one point, K and K sent my partner Gary Willet and myself into the studio to record as many \”bad\” records as we could in one day, including \”Bring Back Howdy Doody.\” The session was… a tax writeoff.\”

You may recall the hit was later covered by the Ramones, NYC\’s junk gourmets of the Special K fad diet.

It should have all died there and then, of course, as the Bubblegum generation graduated first to amphetamines and later heroin in an attempt to erase the Special K experience and lose themselves to merciful oblivion, but 100% proof distilled evil – as we are now aware – is as prone to mutation as a t-virus. It may slumber for years like a sleeping curse, but allow it the opportunity and it will jump trains quicker than a hobo on the trail of spilled meth.

Watch out. Mr. Burns is back in business.

Credit to WFMU and The Bubblegum University.

1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY: WOW WOP (REVERSED) from \”Indian Giver b/w Pow Wow\” 45 (Buddah) 1969 (US)

STEINSKI: SIMPSONS REMIX from \”Steinski\’s Simpson Remixes\” MP3 (WFMU, New Jersey) 2005 (US) SIMON SAYS: AAARGH!

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