caetano veloso

come on irene.

Caetano Veloso\’s second LP, apparently, was recorded during the period both Veloso and Gilberto Gil were slammed behind bars for disrespect in the face of the then Brazillian military dictatorship. Imprisoned in dreadful conditions in Salvador, Caetano somehow recorded the vocal and guitar segments and smuggled them out to Rogério Duprat in São Paulo, who then bravely went about arranging the tracks for commercial release.

The finished \”product\” was stripped of any image of the Brazillian star owing to the fact he\’d had his head forcibly shaved prior to confinement – i say \”forcibly\” because it really wasn\’t the fashion back then, despite Leonard Cohen going out on a limb for \”Live Songs\”. The signature on the album\’s cover is the sole statement of individual ownership.

Had it not been for this album being released to international acclaim, it is highly likely Veloso may have \”disappeared\” like so many others.

CAETANO VELOSO: IRENE from \”Caetano Veloso\” LP (Philips) 1969 (Brazil)



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