charlie don\’t surf

Blank Stares and Cricket Claps put together a post in December last celebrating the sometimes overlooked vocal talent of – genuine surfing – Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson. Dennis, of course, got in some bad out of family company with one Charles Manson, and that post featured \”Never Learn Not To Love\” from 1969\’s \”20/20\”, allegedly co-written with Spahn Ranch\’s most wanted.

Charlie don\’t surf, but Dennis does.

Helter Skelter. Coming down fast.

Produced by Brian and his ogre of a father, Murray Wilson, this has always been one of my favourite Beach Boys singles. \”20/20\” was to be the last album release for the Capitol label. The effects of Wilson Sr.\’s bullying were to linger well into the next decade and beyond, much like those correctional facility childhood ghosts which continue, doubtless, to fester and feed Manson\’s institutional madness.

† Thanks to Nathan Ø for noticing my \’squeaky \’gaff. Incidentally, that mugshot of Manson reminds me of a colour R. Crumb strip I have secreted somewhere which alludes to the origins of Mr. Natural as ex-con, pimp and petty gumball machine thief. Comic book art in imitation of something darker. And still f@ckin\’ funny.

THE BEACH BOYS: BREAK AWAY from \”Break Away b/w Celebrate The News\” 45 (Capitol) 1969 (US) PURCHASE FRIENDS + 20/20 REMASTERED + BONUS TRACKS


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