chicago now #2: spiderwebbed

EFA 04950-2.

dedicated to the memory of michael f. cergizan.

dan bitney; john herdon; john macentire; douglas mccombs; bundy k. brown. Recorded and mixed by John McEntire at Idful Music Corporation; Chicago, Illinois; November 29th – December 5th, 1993. Written by Tortoise for Wrapped in Rubber Music. Thrill Jockey Records / City Slang.

The sound of a cold fire slowly building. \”Onions Wrapped In Rubber\”; \”Tin Cans & Twine.\” In a windy city buffeted by police sirens and the memory of prohibition dollars.

TORTOISE: SPIDERWEBBED from \”Tortoise\” LP / CD (Thrill Jockey) 1994 (US) PURCHASE TORTOISE


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