child of the moon

illustration: \”la voyage dans la lune\” by george méliès, 1902.

\”I saw the new moon late yestreen, Wi\’ the auld moon in her arm: And if ye gang to sea, maister, I fear we\’ll suffer harm.\” from the anonymous Scottish ballad: \”Sir Patrick Spens\”. knit one, purl one; satellite of love (part ix):

Tonight I couldn\’t find the moon. The clouds were thick but invisible in the black overhang, not even the North Star could be seen, it is bullshit anyway; it is only a dead satellite and radio static. A google eye for government hire.

I walked my son home from his Valentine dance. His face, though red with exertion, was solemn. He was pissed that his teachers had partnered him off with some girl. He was more irritated than shy. Girls, who needs them ? he said. Wise man. THE ROLLING STONES: CHILD OF THE MOON from \”Jumpin\’ Jack Flash b/w Child Of The Moon\” 45 (Decca) 1968 (UK) [r] PURCHASE STONES: SINGLES 1968-1971 BOX SET


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