In short, I f@cked up.

Dating from 1980, this 45 clocked in on the John Peel Show on at least three late evenings between 10 and 12 PM. No small achievement for a self released slab of vinyl cooked up by four possibly disparate teenage first timers; one on the run from a full time date with an offset litho printing press. Guitarist, Andy – on bass here – was just fifteen years old at the time: \”Think we recorded about eight songs in a few hours in a little hall, straight onto a Revox B77 4-track, the bass-end is rather missing, but it captured the feel very nicely.

I played classical guitar quite well & was much into Bach – Clock came about after I thought the counterpoint of one guitar going up & one down might work ok – & it did. The (Jazz) drummer had some of those flared tom toms ( forget the name ) where the bass version looked like some giant Jagger lips.\”


Keith Ostler: Vox Phantom guitar; Andy Ball: bass; Alan White: Gibson Les Paul, vocals; Paul Wiseman: drums.

Thanks to Andy for taking the trouble to mail me both the original vinyl and the spine tingling rip. THE RHODESIANS: CLOCK from \”Clock b/w Post Mortem\” 45 (Period) 1980 (UK) OUT OF PRINT


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