communiqué #18: back in business

It\’s official. Art Decade is back in business.

To celebrate, here\’s a slice of Glasgow\’s own wandering sun, Donovan Philips Leitch. Casting light backwards across the Atlantic.

As per usual, due to those odd contractual anomalies as a result of Mickie Most marketing Donovan in tandem in the US and UK on different labels, this LP was released first in the USA as two separate albums – \”Wear Your Love Like Heaven\” and the acoustic \”For Little Ones\” in 1967 – before being issued in the UK as a double album in April the following year, as was Donovan\’s original intention.

In spite of Most being credited with production on this one, Donovan himself appears to have pulled the rabbit out the hat almost wholly unaided. With a bit of help from Al Kooper, seemingly.

Has autumn begun to bite yet in New York City ?

DONOVAN: SUN from \”A Gift From A Flower To A Garden\” LP (Epic / PYE) 1967 (UK)



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