communiqué #27: more riz for your sunday spliff

Somewhat tiring of this, quite frankly, I have these few words to impart: DMCA ballbreakers and ambulance chasers; suck my F@CKIN\’ cock. Suffer one more paragraph of mine to be deleted, and I\’ll toast you and your litter of rats. If you wish to see \’product\’ exist solely in a vacuum, so be it. Go peddle it to that blind and deaf duffer on the mountain.

If you are bent on breaking the proverbial butterly on a wheel, so be it once more. I will gladly spit right in your eye socket. Or pitch my tent on your lawn.

Rest assured. Your legal jurisdiction is a figment of your own bloated imagination; a rusty firmament where artists once starved and PR men drove shiny Oldsmobiles.

Or Vauxhall Astras with four bald tires. Death\’s Heads on the doors.

One more thing. Blogger. You better get your act together. It is one thing to advise that you have reset a post to draft status; it is quite another to \’accidentally\’ delete it from a domain you have no proprietory claim to. And please. Do not again forward me an email detailing a list of more than 40 affected URLs which pertain not one iota to this site. This is not China, and the adverse publicity does not reflect well on you.


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