communiqué #8: rational debate

wyatt earp or deputy dawg ; the sheriff hits the trail. Or, as my friend Gus asked, who are the brain police ?

This communique is prompted by the Web Sheriff\’s visitation here last week, and by Brendan\’s post concerning a web survey which is currently being conducted over on The Rising Storm. I have posted much of the following as a comment on The Rising Storm – though I\’ve edited it since – and feel the issues raised by this \’visit\’ are certainly worth exploring rather than adopting a head-in-the-sand response.

If the survival of sites is dependent solely on having music industry approved material foisted on them, the gig is up. So far as I am concerned, it is the provision of out of print or poorly circulated material on blogs thus far which has led directly to users on the web having an impact on what is picked up and put back into distribution.

It helps rekindle the buzz.

If sufficient demand can be demonstrated – as I believe it already has to a great extent – then distributors can be sure of making profit. That means increased cash flow to artists who have suffered in the past from their material being inaccessible, and – of course – revenue for the industry as a whole. In this scenario there are no losers.

If material is purchased on the back of direct links to commercial outlets or by recourse to independent sellers, then surely that is justification enough to stymie litigative threat ?

In this instance, I was visited by the \”Web Sheriff\” – a UK based body safeguarding copyright material – and politely advised to remove all links to a specific file. I was quite happy to comply with said request, in accordance with this site\’s disclaimer, and removed the link in question immediately. Further contact on a seemingly quite friendly and equanimous note was made here the following day.

This in itself seemed to me quite reasonable and courteous, if not regrettable in that the post under censure provided a direct link to Amazon where the newly remastered product could be purchased and given, too, the track in question was over forty years old. Be that as it may, I would far sooner be approached in this manner where an issue has arisen, than inadvertently provoke a storm out of all proportion, a rattling of sabres, as has seen to be threatened elsewhere.

The “Web Sheriff” has made his position quite clear. Debate, I feel, is to be welcomed rather than shunned.

I\’d relish some feedback here. Maybe I\’m just rattled; it could be I\’m shooting myself in the foot. Damn!

Am I alone in finding the words \”All The Best for the W\’end\” vaguely chilling ? I keep on hearing Johnny Cash\’s foreboding \”25 Minutes to Go\” whistling round the bend.

Or maybe I\’m just paranoid. One can never be too sure.

FLAMIN\’ GROOVIES: SHAKE SOME ACTION * from \”Shake Some Action\” LP (Sire) 1976 (US)

* thanks to Emmett from Art Decade for providing the inspiration for this selection added after the fact.


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