communis exalti

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin communio(n-), from communis (see common).

From wiki: \”Whitley Strieber was born in San Antonio, Texas, the son of Karl Strieber, a lawyer, and Mary Drought Strieber. He attended Central Catholic Marianist High School in San Antonio, Texas. He was educated at the University of Texas at Austin and the London School of Film Technique, graduating from both in 1968. He then worked for several different advertising firms in New York City, rising to the level of vice president before quitting in 1977 to become a free-lance writer.\” Fom WFMU:

\”The CD was basically the project of Guido Erfen, one of the guys behind the So Healthy Music label. He got involved with the Ukrainian underground music scene when he was language student in Kharkov in 1990.\”

The CD, \”Break Through in a Grey Room\” comprises a collection of cut-ups recorded in the 1960\’s in various hotel rooms in New York, London and Paris. This key piece was recorded circa 1965 with Ian Sommerville between the Chelsea Hotel; 210 Centre Street, NYC and London, and owes as much to Sommerville\’s technical innovations as Burroughs\’ readings. 

Sommerville was a much respected contributor to the underground scene in London during the period, working out of a studio allegedly furnished by The Beatles\’ Paul McCartney.

TOVARICH (ALIEN): BLUES from \”Novaya Scena – Underground From Ukraine\” CD 1993 (Ukraine)

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: K-9 WAS IN COMBAT WITH THE ALIEN MIND-SCREENS from \”Break Through In A Grey Room\” CD (Sub Rosa) 1994 (US)


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