coronary waiting to happen

It\’s official. I am in a lousy mood. I have no idea why, precisely. Today I seem to have too many reasons. I want to pound some f@cker into the pavement. Like Johnny Boy in \”Mean Streets\”. Like Tony Montana.

You know that saying, Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave ? Well. Some f@cker just yanked my chain. I can feel it in the way my neck is straining all to one side. My chest is all puffed out, and my veins are throbbing. There is too much cholesterol clogging up my blood.

Too many fast food takeaways, and too much easy f@cking laid out on my back with a woman on top.

Earlier today, a police car pulled a 360˚ loop in front of me without indicating. Right in front of me; this fat f@ck peering over the wheel like a pig in a white collared shirt. Little pink eyes in a Pillsbury dough face like a half-baked Halloween cake melting behind the windshield. Almost knocked me off my feet. Coming out my corner on wobbly knees.

It was all down hill from there.


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