crossing the reed sea [of weeds]

Exodus 13-15:

\”Schilfmeer\”, translated as Reed Sea, or Red Sea. Culled from a compilation of early Popol Vuh recordings – with a vaguely unsettling old testament motif – between 1971 and 1974, released on the italian Cicada label in 1988, and reissued on High Tide in 1994. Featuring:

Florian Fricke: piano, electronics; Daniel Fichelscher: guitar, percussion; Conny Veit: guitar; Djong Yun: Gesang; Al Gromer: Sitar; Holger Trültzsch: percussion.

Written by Florian Fricke.

Despite the biblical imagery, the tone here is significantly lighter and more fluid than one might initially expect; a soothing jazz concoction complete with \”Seeland\” tidal effects – Neu! 75 – and fluttering tabla.

POPOL VUH: SCHILFMEER from \”Gesang Der Gesänge (1971-1974)\” CD (Cicada) 1988 (Germany) OUT OF PRINT


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