daevid allen: hope you feel okay

BYG 529.029. magick sibling, daevid allen. note the lower case.

\’armed\’ with dustbin lids, students face down the police. gare de lyon train station, may 1968. on the cusp of toppling de gaulle.

smyth & allen remain in france following the riots of 1968, when workers and students join hands to present a unified front.

I don\’t have a guru to help take care of my ills and woes, but if I did it might well be Daevid Allen; antipodean mystic and one-time Soft Machinist. Mind you, I don\’t think Mr. Allen would dream of setting himself up for the fall. Good thing too.

This post is a kind of companion piece to an earlier entry from the same LP. Written and performed by Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth. Produced by Jean Georgakarakos and Jean-Luc Young.

Recorded September & October 1969 Studio ETA, Studio Europa Sonor, Paris. Plucked and pulled from the ether with intuitive guile.

I feel already better for hearing this again. Seriously. And I hope you do too. It\’s an ill wind, indeed, that blows no good.

Brushback; if you give this a whirl, you will find echoes of Big Star, Chilton and Bell. Beautiful.

GONG: (FABLE OF A FREDFISH) HOPE YOU FEEL OK from \”Magick Brother\” LP (BYG Actuel) 1969 (France)

GONG: COS YOU GOT GREEN HAIR from \”Magick Brother\” LP (BYG Actuel) 1969 (France)



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