damned damned damned

Any excuse to dig this album out. And this sleeve. The last time I posted on the Damned, over on Art Decade, comments were conspicuous only in their absence. I live in hope, detractors be – well – damned.

Two covers this time around. The first a frenetic retread of the Stooges\’ \”I Feel alright\”; the second, a faithful rendition of Arthur Lee and Love\’s \”Alone Again Or\” – written by Bryan MacLean – from eleven years later. And just for the sheer hell of it, their own \”So Messed Up\”, the penultimate death thrash from their first LP. Produced by the ever resourceful Nick Lowe. Released, February 18th 1977; guitarist Brian James\’s birthday.

The initial 2000 presses of \”Damned Damned Damned\” were mistakenly released with a picture of Eddie and the Hot Rods on the reverse, apparently, although I\’ve never seen a copy.

\”Hey, Keith ?..\”

THE DAMNED: I FEEL ALRIGHT from \”Damned Damned Damned\” LP (Stiff) 1977 (UK) THE DAMNED: ALONE AGAIN OR from \”Anything\” LP (MCA) 1986 (UK) THE DAMNED: SO MESSED UP from \”Damned Damned Damned\” LP (Stiff) 1977 (UK) DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED ANYTHING


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