david bowie, young american

Coming from the grip of his famous cocaine period – in reverence to Picasso\’s Blue Period – Bowie proved that with \”Young Americans\” he could cater for a young black audience too with his own unique take on blue eyed soul.

Recorded in Philadelphia in late \’74, and New York in 1975, the sessions featured a young Luther Vandross and – in NYC – John Lennon on backing vocals and guitar on the title track. Those sessions also produced the deeply funky \” John, I\’m Only Dancing (Again)\” which wouldn\’t surface commercially for another four years as the a-side on 1979\’s 12\” club mix. Art Decade has previously featured this 45, but here it is again. \”Boogie down with David now…\”

Bowie bumps a ride on America\’s Soul Train.

DAVID BOWIE: SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME from \”Young Americans\” LP (RCA Victor) 1975 (US/UK)

DAVID BOWIE: JOHN, I\’M ONLY DANCING (AGAIN) from \”John, I\’m Only Dancing (Again)\” 12\” 45 (RCA Victor) 1979 (US/UK)



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