deep space

During its 14 years in space, Mir (which means ‘world’ and ‘peace’ in Russian) housed a total of 104 astronauts from various nations. The postman rapped on the door with the officiousness of the secret police early this morning. That\’s alright. No foot jammed in the door, and no warrant. Not even a bill.

Instead, a large padded envelope marked \”do not bend\”, all the way from Big B over at Art Decade, via Texas. What fortuity! 

And what an excellent way to begin the day.

This song is so good it deserves a second showing in less time than it takes a comet to orbit the earth. Or a Soviet space station. Big B first posted it less than a month ago with the very generous proposal to mail copies of this Loverly release to the first three individuals to send in their details in true late night FM radio tradition:

\”Back in \’98, a friend gave me a box of 45s from Memphis label Loverly Records. While the band has since vanished and the label sank somewhere in the Mississippi, I think the song still lives. For the first 3 who agree and would like to own this piece of blue vinyl for free email your pen name and address to Art Decade. Since I\’m floating the postage do not expect them delivered between 5-10 working days.\” One went out to Iowa; one to Belgium; and one here in Scotland. Not a bad geographical spread for such a star-crossed atmospheric re-entry.

There appears to be very little information out there on Jetty Webb, which is a real shame. Closer inspection of the original MP3 tag, however, reveals the a-side to be a McKay, Sikes and Easley composition.

Nice, Big B.

JETTY WEBB: MIR from \”Mir b/w Cornerwalk\” 45 (Loverly) 1998 (US) OUT OF PRINT


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