doctor blyss is in the house

no, not beatle john. peter cushing as dr. blyss, aka captain clegg, \”night creatures\”, 1962.

\”Sasha reminds us that psychedelics do not always lead to God and enlightenment. Callers advise on proper dosages of psilocybe cubensis.\”

If you like this shit, brothers and sisters, there is always more. You know where to reach me.

\”Christ, you know it ain\’t easy. You know how hard it can be…\”

ALEXANDER \’SASHA\’ SHULGIN / RADIO KPFA: FOLLOWING 100mg OF 4-TASB from \”Instant Insanity Drugs: The Trip Receptacles\” MP3 archive (KPFA Berkeley) ? (US) VISIT THE TRIP RECEPTACLES


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