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Shot dead on home turf in Kingston, Jamaica in 1983 following a confrontation, seemingly, with an opportunistic armed intruder, Michael James Williams – aka Prince Far I – qualifies for an honorary season ticket on the Bleachers; no refund. The findings of any police enquiry in a city notorious for its \’higher than I\’ murder statistics can never wholly be taken at face value. What is certain is that his death was no small beans. A major presence and pioneer on the UK Dub scene and its influence on more commercial productions, Far I was every bit as cutting edge as the biggest names operating out of Studio One. Razor beats and stroppy bubbles.

Long before the bullet casings became prima facie evidence, the \”Final Chapter\” was written.

PRINCE FAR I & THE ARABS: BLACK WEH from \”Cry Tuff Chapter 3\” LP (Front Line) 1980 (UK)


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