easter parade

\”I hated the self-congratulatory stench of delusion. I hated the graphics. I hated the cheap looking suits and shady haircuts. I hated the flippancy of the music foisted on me in every bar and nightclub. And, above all else, by the end of the decade i wanted to grab Brett Easton Ellis by the scruff of his Armani Wall Street jacket and jam a copy of \”American Psycho\” right up his smugly winking arse.\” I refuse to concede I was by any means too harsh. I did like this album rather a lot, though. The band was originally commissioned by Linn Hi-Fi to publicly demonstrate the fidelity of their high-end audio equipment, as it goes.

Robert Bell: bass, synthesizer; Paul Buchanan: vocals, guitar, synthesizer; Paul Joseph Moore: keyboards, synthesizer; Nigel Thomas: drums.

Written by Robert Bell and Paul Buchanan. Recorded at Castlesound, Edinburgh.

THE BLUE NILE: EASTER PARADE from \”A Walk Across The Rooftops\” LP (Linn) 1983 (UK)


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