left to right: brian chevette; ian woodcock; phil rowland; andy blade.

Eater were one of my faves \’back in the day\’, as the cliché goes. This probably had more to do with their considerable youth – drummer Dee Generate (né Phil Rowland) was purportedly only fourteen years old when the band signed to Dave Goodman\’s \’The Label\’ – than their inspired mix of glam and proto-punk, a wicked blend of Alice Cooper; T.Rex; The Velvet Underground; and Bowie. They looked and sounded ridiculously young on record and I was too.

According to Mark Perry\’s Sniffin\’ Glue fanzine, issue #8, with regard to their first single:

\”…this single is crap. It\’s not even good crap, it\’s just a waste of time.\”

And this was a year which produced more great records than you could shake a stick at.

Mark Perry did not often get it so wrong.

From Punk 77:

\”Eater produced 5 singles and 1 album in their career spanning from December 1976 to January 1979 and all on Dave Goodman\’s The Label. They originally had a one year contract that was due to end November \’77 but this was extended.\”

Eater should have been huge; a perfect teenage hybrid of the Ramones and Bay City Rollers. I\’m still at a loss why this wasn\’t the case.

\”Walter Lure comes from the USA ; Lou Reed comes from the USA ; Richard Nixon comes from the USA… Gary Gilmore came from the USA !!\”

EATER: OUTSIDE VIEW from \”Outside View b/w You\” 45 (The Label) 1977 (UK) EATER: THINKING OF THE USA from \”Thinking Of The U.S.A.\” 45 (The Label) 1977 (UK) EATER: MICHAEL\’S MONETARY SYSTEM from \”Thinking Of The U.S.A.\” 45 (The Label) 1977 (UK)



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