el monstruo!

milwaukee\’s reginald \’the crusher\’ lisowski, 1926 – 2005.

los shain\’s.

No. That apostrophe is in the right place; do not write in with corrections, this is how the name appears on the original LP jacket.

Originally a hit for The Novas, and covered most famously by The Cramps on their IRS EP in 1981, this is from a Peruvian group of teenagers who released an album of Rock n\’ Roll & Garage staples on their Odeon release, \”El Ritmo De Los Shain\’s\” in 1965: LD-1483. Band leader, Geraldo Rojas, later went on to form a psychedelic collective with the delightful Beatles flavoured moniker, St. Thomas Pepper Smelter. Not surprisingly, original vinyl copies of this album regularly change hands at quite exorbitant prices.

Written by Bob Nolan & The Novas for the Parrot label, 1964.

If yesterday afternoon\’s post was hard-boiled pulp – with the accent on genuine disgust – then this is Abbott & Costello vs. The Munsters.

LOS SHAIN\’S: EL MONSTRUO from \”El Ritmo De Los Shain\’s\” LP (Odeon) 1965 (Peru) PURCHASE EL RITMO DE LOS SHAIN\’S (REPSYCHLED)


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