evolutionary spirit

A live staple on the Chicago circuit, apparently, Overman share a farm dwelling in nearby Joliet, Illinois, where they have honed their sound since their inception some six years ago. The title track, \”Evolution Rocks\”, has already garnered \”an official endorsement from the National Science Teachers Association\” with it\’s gentle mocking of those Christian fundamentalists determined to coerce American schools into dropping Darwinism from the syllabus. A midwestern Taliban, if you will, with zero tolerance for any empirical evidence which might undermine religious conjecture and dogma.

All very worthy, and an entertaining song certainly, but the track which immediately grabbed my attention is \”Move On\” with its exotic guitar overtones at least one reviewer has likened to the late John Cipollina, but to my ears is as reminiscent of a collaboration between Neil Young and Danny Whitten.

Aaron Kelly: vocals, bass; Matthew Radowski: vocals, rhythm guitar; Russell Eggenberger: vocals, lead guitar; Jason Burley: drums.

OVERMAN: MOVE ON from \”The Evolution\” EP (Overman) 2009 (US) PURCHASE THE EVOLUTION EP


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