f@ck you and the horse you rode in on

scam 101.

Jon posted California\’s The Dils some time back with good reason, so in reply here\’s The Germs.

Written by Darby Crash; Lorna Doon; Pat Smear, \”Forming\” is generally conceded as representing the first punk 45 to come out of Los Angeles, California.

And what a ge(r)m. \”…recorded on a Sony 2-track in Pat\’s garage and arrived back from the pressing plant with the note, \”Warning: This record causes ear cancer\” printed on the sleeve by the plant staff, much to the band\’s displeasure.\”

Vinyl rip courtesy of Killed by Death Records.

THE GERMS: LEXICON DEVIL from \”Lexicon Devil b/w Circle One / No God\” 45 (Slash) 1978 (US) PURCHASE MIA: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY


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