fast 4: being boiled

fast 4A.

fast 4B.

\”Okay, ready; let\’s do it.\”

From Wiki:

\”…The Human League put out a demo tape to record companies under their new name. The tape contained versions of \”Being Boiled\”, \”Toyota City\” and \”Circus of Death\”. One label, Bob Last’s Edinburgh based independent Fast Records responded and the band were signed.\”

\”Listen to the voice of Buddha saying stop your sericulture Little people like your offspring boiled alive for some god\’s stocking Buddhas watching Buddhas waiting.\”

John Lydon dismissed this outfit as nothing more than \”trendy hippies\”.

Fair enough. But I rather liked it.

And so began a career which was to end disastrously in oceans of smeared kohl eye-liner and disco pregnancies. THE HUMAN LEAGUE: BEING BOILED (MONO) from \”Being Boiled b/w Circus Of Death\” 45 (Fast Product) 1978 (UK) PURCHASE REPRODUCTION PREVIOUSLY: FAST TOURISTS RUN FROM MAO


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