flamin\’ groovies

Time to get down n\’ dirty, and hose down the sump.

It would be hard to overestimate the impact of the Groovies on the British pub circuit from the mid to late 70s. From the gritty R&B of Wilko Johnson\’s Dr. Feelgood to the jangling guitars of a hundred power pop wannabes, the spectre of San Francisco\’s little league champions was never far away. They might not have been as big as the Grateful Dead but they were probably more influential in the UK in terms of inciting a minor riot.

Co-written between Cyril Jordan and Roy Loney before Loney\’s departure in 1971, this is the sound of someone having second thoughts long after the second helping has spiralled into an orgy of Roman proportions.

FLAMIN\’ GROOVIES: SLOW DEATH from \”Grease\” EP (Skydog) 1972 (US)



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