fly in the ointment

HAR 5151.

Bridging the gap deftly between 1977\’s \”Pink Flag\” and their 1978 follow-up, \”Chairs Missing\”, this is the sound of a breakfast hangover overspilling into the studio with unspeakable flair.

A lot of good art – like disease – is born in the kitchen, I firmly believe.

Colin Newman: vocals; Robert Gotobed: drums; Bruce Gilbert: guitar; Graham Lewis: bass.

Written by Colin Newman and Graham Lewis. Produced by long term collaborator, Mike Thorne. image originally appeared on hasanalmasi.blogfa.com.

WIRE: I AM THE FLY from \”I Am The Fly b/w Ex Lion Tamer\” 45 (Harvest EMI) 1978 (UK) PURCHASE CHAIRS MISSING REMASTERED


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