for n-one

Thurston Moore: guitar, vocals; Richard Edson: drums; Lee Renaldo: guitar.

The 80\’s may have begun blandly, and gotten progressively blander still, but there was still proof positive under the swab that not everyone hankered to collaborate with Trevor Horn\’s bloated vision of a new era. A choreographed jackboot dance of all singing extras juggling day-glo fish, tied off with ribbon and lipglossed pouts.

I may have slipped into a coma for a while as all around me struggled to strike a coquettish pose, but Sonic Youth fashioned a dark fairytale on their debut EP which kissed me awake with the sleep of the dead grafted on one eye.

Borrowing from influences as remote as Joy Division and engineered by Don Hünerberg, who helped shape the Voidoids\’ \”Blank Generation\”, this is the sound of cancer in remission. The disinterred rumblings of a runaway train.

Written, produced and arranged by Sonic Youth. Engineered by Don Hünerberg.

SONIC YOUTH: I DREAM I DREAMED from \”Sonic Youth\” 12\” EP (Neutral Records) 1982 (US)


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