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Written by Eric Spear – no relation to Albert with an \’e\’ – in 1960: \”a cornet piece, accompanied by a brass band plus clarinet and double bass.\”

A then unknown musician from Wimslow, David Browning, was contracted by Granada Television (ITV) to supply trumpet for the original theme – and its re-recording in 1964 – for the princely sum of £36. Of course, had he opted instead for royalty fees he would still be coining it in today. Under two score no doubt seemed like a relatively huge sum half a century ago.

As upbeat as Weatherfield, Greater Manchester itself.

If you ever wondered why Steven Patrick Morrissey is such an unapologetic miserablist, here is your cue.

DAVID BROWNING: CORONATION STREET THEME from \”Coronation Street\” (Granada Television) 1960 – 2009 (UK)



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