frank sinatra

\”le ballon rouge\” by Albert Lamorisse, 1956. Summer beckons, the man on the tv said. But today it\’s too windy to suspend disbelief. When I looked out my window at 6:30am this morning, the sun was lighting up the glass on another residential tower block to the west of the city. Just this one building. It looked like a polished diamond twinkling back at me from a pawnshop jeweller\’s blanket. On a cloudy day it looks like shit.

This song was written by Heinz Meier ; Hans Bradtke and Johnny Mercer. It\’s from the last album Sinatra performed with long-suffering arranger and conductor Nelson Riddle. Sinatra was not an easy man to get along with by all accounts. A good part of the time he could be a complete prick. But he had talent. A wonderful voice and an intuitive grasp of how best to deliver a song. When he behaved badly, acquaintances and family would look down deep in their highballs and smile, that\’s Frank for you. That\’s life. This was recorded on May 16, 1966. That\’s three sixes for you. An ace for snake eyes. FRANK SINATRA: SUMMER WIND from \”Strangers In The Night\” LP (Reprise) 1966 (US) DON\’T BE A STRANGER


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