george jones: tears of a clown

george glenn jones at 77. born saratoga, texas, 12/09/31.

hey. what\’s in that trumpet, ya f@ckin\’ lush.

Okay. I know. I need to stop cribbing from WFMU. Thank you, Listener Greg G. I don\’t recall having heard this particular maudlin dirge previously. What fun!

Let\’s join in and lighten the load; George Jones celebrated his 77th birthday last week. With a bang.

Written by Curly Putman; Ron Hellard; and Bucky Jones. Produced by Billy Sherrill.

All children intuitively grasp that circus clowns are stumbling alcoholic depressives. It\’s like a family Christmas reunion with those relatives you didn\’t even know existed. I could have sworn the biggest circus in the world was in Russia, but apparently that accolade – for permanent circus, at least – goes to Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. After you\’ve laughed yourself half witless at the spectacle of a trio of juiced divorcees falling over their feet and burning to death in a staged automobile accident, you can swap your ringside seat for one in front of the rows of one armed bandits in your hotel casino.

And once you\’ve plugged in the last of those tokens, brothers and sisters, you better just pray that long-shot accumulator comes in.

George Jones, eh ? Even more of a gas than Merle Haggard. On acid.

I\’ll wager his grandparents were Scottish.

GEORGE JONES: WINO THE CLOWN from \”Jones Country\” LP (Epic) 1983 (US)



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