getúlio vargas iii | bean counter

\”He looked to be about twelve-years-old. In truth, he was closer to forty.\” ib

Getúlio Vargas III occupied such a high position within the Ministry that they had to construct an extra floor. Just to keep up with him.

     He drew an eight figure salary, had three wives, six homes, countless children. In addition to owning one hundred and forty-two pairs of custom made loafers – in which slept the imprint of those women who dressed and stitched them – he drove a Maserati Ghibli five days a week; a Ferarri 458 on Sundays. That is, when he was not piloting his very own private Embraer Legacy. An achievement he was especially fond of, even though it was widely conceded he did not not deserve his wings. Getúlio Vargas III was incapable of flying straight. Even down a lighted runway.      At the end of the day he was still a fucking bean counter.      At least so far as his enemies were concerned, and he collected quite a few.

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